We thought it was out of our place to say anything when there is a master, the information on this page is taken from Sadun Boro’s book “Vira Demir”.
We thank him very much.
For the Master’s books : www.zerobooksonline.com

With respect to the Master

Amazon (Maden – Gücük – Küçükgünlük) Bay 36° 49.9′ N – 28° 03′ E Map 3112 B. At the eastern end of Bördübet Harbor, Maden Bay, covered with dense pine forest on both slopes, enters like a fjord. The inside of the bay is deep until the beginning of a low sand promontory emerging from the north side. Here, between 6 and 10 meters, heather is anchored. The bottom is a mixture of loam and sand and holds iron perfectly. You can either stay on the anchor or moor to the south bank. The bay is closed to all weather except the west-lodos, but when the breeze moves to the west, a light breeze descends. There is a low wooden pier in front of the sand cape.

This is the beach of the Amazon Kamping inside. A path under the trees leads to the camping. From the wooden jetty, a 2 m. depth line extends eastwards towards the opposite shore. A white buoy near the jetty marks this shallows. After that, the wide inland bay is shallow. At the end of it, a small stream curves inwards. Don’t forget to visit this azmak with your boat. A half to 1 m. deep channel enters the creek after the wooden pier, following the north side of the bay. The channel is marked. Red stakes are left on the starboard and white ones on the port. The azmak, on which huge pine trees lean, snakes like a snake, all the way to the jetty of Amazon Kamping inside.

Maybe a mullet or a kingfisher will fall in front of you and show you the way! Amazon Kamping is a small, clean facility where nature-loving people come to spend a quiet vacation. It also serves yachtsmen coming to the bay. You can meet your needs such as food, drink, shower, telephone, etc. here, you can taste the village bread they bake themselves…

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