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You are in the booking phase! You've probably examined our site in detail and have more or less an idea about holidaying on Amazon. the idea was formed. But as you know, Amazon is not your usual vacation destination. very different. Take a moment to take our quiz and find out if Amazon really find out if it's the place you're looking for. We wish you a nice vacation in advance.

Here's your mini bungalow, have a nice vacation," said the attendant who brought you to your room.

1. Oh my God, even the wardrobe in our house is bigger, I won't even set foot in here. Don't open the suitcase Osman... We're leaving.
2. It's very cute, but I wonder if my size will fit in here.
3. Yes, it's the same picture as on the website... The day is spent outside anyway, and inside it's enough for sleeping, it's not stuffy and it's colorful... Maybe at night I'll enjoy wine under the stars and fall asleep in the hammock...

You and your partner have settled into your room, now it's time to enjoy a cold drink in the restaurant.

1. Hooaaap, shhhh garsoooon! Oh brother, no one is looking at me... I came here with my Ferraris, I'll pay my money and blow my whistle, my friend. What's "self service"? Are we on vacation or in a prison camp in Guantanamo?
2. Their system is self-service. I guess we'll have to go and get it ourselves. Anyway, we'll manage.
3. Fortunately, there are no waiters in white coats standing around waiting for us like in the previous hotel, where we spent the whole vacation together. I'm going to grab two beers from here. Finally, we can enjoy a conversation alone 🙂

"Spidey!" said the boy at the next table.

1. What spider..... "anaconda" it's "anacondaaaa" ...... run away.
2. Sounds like a great place to get rid of your mother-in-law.
3. Look at that brat screaming... Five times this spider used to live in a colony in our summer house.... Anyway, where were we... Then I opened the mouth of the lion with both hands and ripped the 5 dollars it swallowed out of its lungs, the tour guide looked on.... The animal was scared and ran away without looking back...

Our beach is 500 meters away, you can either take a forest walk or canoe from the stream.

1. There's a driveway, forget walking and rowing... Let's go by car, you start the car and turn the air conditioner on full blast.
2. Odamdan denizi görmeyi tercih ederdim ama bu koyu orman ona izin vermiyor, bugün yürüyelim, yarın kanoyu deneriz.
3. Let's take a sandwich with us, let's go to the side bays with the canoe, just you and me, endless freedom... I'll paddle while we go, you swing a fishing rod, maybe something will catch. Tomorrow we'll take a boat trip to distant bays.

You have come to the restaurant for dinner and seen the selection for the day.

1. Today is my "beöf strogonof" day, but I don't see it here.
2. We are used to the hundreds of varieties at the buffet, so at least we won't have a hard time choosing.
3. Three hundred days of fast food, we are sick and tired of fast food, fortunately I will be able to set a table like my mother's table, I hope it is as delicious as it looks.

Dinner was very good, we had our coffee, what should we do now?

1. Let's check out the shopping centers around here.
2. There's nothing else but darts and backgammon. Let's go for a walk in the forest and go to bed.
3. As Herodotus wrote, the stars look different here, let's lie by the pool and get lost in eternity with this beautiful music...

All 6 questions completed!

Club Amazon Entrance Exam

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